Your HR Business Partner

Our Mission

 Our company was founded to assist employers nationwide mitigate risk and make qualified and informed decisions on their largest investment: employees. We fill the gaps where larger screening firms fail to execute by creating partnerships with our customers. ABI believes we are truly an extension of our partners Human Resources and Safety Departments. 

We understand there are hundreds of choices when selecting a background screening partner and make every effort to provide a suite of risk mitigation solutions available through a state-of-the–art reporting platform.

We are extremely passionate about what we do. Our mission is to ensure every report is accurate and compliant with all Federal, state and local laws. Next, we provide unmatched customer service and response times in the industry. A customer should not have to wait hours or days for a response to a question or need. Time is talent; we believe in communicating with our partners and providing full transparency when developing a consumer report.

Accuracy – It is our mission to provide 100% accurate data. However we are not perfect and no screening firm is. 

To get as close as possible to 100% we have multiple search and scope filters in place as well as a dedicated and trained Quality Assurance team reviewing data for accuracy prior to releasing any report.

At ABI, these are our top priorities:


Customer Service


Turnaround time