About ABI

Apollo Business Intelligence provides comprehensive global background screening services for candidates’, current staff, vendors, and business partners for organizations of all sizes across the globe. In addition, we also provide drug testing and occupational health services through alliance partners. 

At ABI we realize there are many choices when selecting a screening partner. We strive to improve the candidate and employer experience via cutting edge emerging technologies and continuous product improvements. 

Employers choose ABI because we're unlike other screening companies in the industry. We believe the customer comes first and our focus is on results not the process. Simply put; we know and recognize time is money and employees are our customers most valuable asset. We strive to save employers time and money to help make an informed hiring decision. 

ABI Philosophy

ABI's mission is simple; partner with employers of all sizes to mitigate risk in the talent acquisition and retention process by providing service that is simple, efficient, and timely through innovation, unmatched standards, and dedicated staff. We strive to put the needs of our customers first and exceed expectations with every service we provide.

We are dedicated to providing high quality risk management services to our clients with honesty, integrity and with commitment to exceed expectations through the highest level of service possible.

* We provide unmatched customer service.

* We develop cost-effective risk management solutions.

* We are innovative and creative.

* We work with clients in a team environment.

* We listen and strive to meet client needs.

* We build strong, long term client relationships.

Experience, forward thinking leadership, communication, and industry partners, combined with a dedicated team of personnel, have been the foundation of ABI’s success and will continue to drive our growth for years to come.

Our Beliefs

ABI Clients: 

We believe that satisfied clients enable our success. Therefore, we place client satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do.


We believe integrity is the cornerstone of all our business relationships. Therefore, we expect ABI staff to be honest and forthright with our clients, each other, and all others in their daily activities.

ABI Employees:

We believe well trained, highly motivated, team-oriented employees are key to serving our clients. Therefore, we will select, train, and reward employees who place client satisfaction first.


We believe we must provide our clients with innovative solutions. Therefore, we will use our skills, experience, and problem solving abilities to provide creative, yet practical, cost effective solutions.